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2017 Chrysler Pacifica – New car

I am just local upon from FCA here to show you, a couple cool new features on the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica active grille shutters that open and close under certain conditions to improve fuel economy your pain sunroof and a third row fix piece of glass and perhaps one of our best features is the new stone though system continuing…

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2014 Dodge Durango SUV

NDA last 10 years the one thing you could count on in the SUV segment is that the Dodge Durango would be at the bottom of the list we let’s face it the build quality was poor. Comfort was compromised. And technology was definitely behind the curve and now we have the 2011 Dodge Durango no the Durango fell out…

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Ford Grand C-MAX MPV expert car review

If you will find the wagons couldn’t be desirable in the full address marks may be aboutĀ to change your opinionĀ . Is based heavily on the galaxy see get 7 seats responded. Before it is given this car Lois thought supply from a slightly. Later. A little bit lower a little bit short track. What does make a little livelier when.…

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Toyota Alphard is minivan of a class “luxe”, firstly released for the domestic market in Japan in 2002. The first generation of the car was equipped with two petrol engines with a capacity of 159 and 220 hp, and two transmissions: firstly 4-speed, and after restyling in 2005, the 5-speed automatic transmission. Furthermore, there were modifications with front wheel drive.…

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Peugeot Expert Combi.

The main advantage of cargo and passenger van is in its universality, and this universality of Expert is erected in the absolute. At Expert on the floor almost the entire length of the body the sled is put, where a single design stools rear seats and rear cab wall moves. Therefore, the whole structure can be pushed almost all the…

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What kind of car you can put gas equipment on?

Theoretically, you can change on gas fuel any engine. It includes turbocharged and diesel ones. (However, for a “technician” gas is still less relevant). There are no particular problems with the type of body. Owners of sedans are the easiest – a standard cylindrical container with little damage to the free space is put in the trunk depth of the…

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