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What kind of car you can put gas equipment on?

Theoretically, you can change on gas fuel any engine. It includes turbocharged and diesel ones. (However, for a “technician” gas is still less relevant).

equipment gasThere are no particular problems with the type of body. Owners of sedans are the easiest – a standard cylindrical container with little damage to the free space is put in the trunk depth of the back of the rear seats. For hatchbacks and station wagons toroidal cylinders are used, which are placed in the niche of “spare wheel”. There are options also with two small “side” cylinders that are placed on opposite sides of the luggage compartment.

Filling of the balloon takes about 4 to 7 minutes.
Depending on the engine size, driving mode, containers, container is worked from 200 to 400 km.
Now Italian producers reigns on the market:. Bedini, Landi Renzo, Lovato, Marini, Tartarini, Zavoli, etc. There are products on the market also of Turkish (Voltran), Hungarian (Kargas, Longas) and Polish (Elpigas) firms.