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Auxbeam S1 H11 LED Headlight bulbs Review Installation Demo and Comparison

Hey welcome to another so the our car mods on Jeff and today I have a part of review of this new LED from ox being this is the version S. one. Right here is the only book this has a total of 8. Phillips the S. P. LED chapters foreign decide. On the opposite side. Not the on top. And this one doesn’t have the fan this one has a heat sink in the bottom. The truck down here is not adjustable this is aluminum. So here is aluminum as well then that’s your rubber lowering. And this is not required 8 external LED driver so everything is still 10 simply sloppy on your stock because we both.

To this LED bulb and US concede positive and negative is clean mark so it’s easy to install. And this book is rated at 25 watts per bulb and 4000 per light pole that so you can be a total of 8000 limits areas can see it right now I have immediate installed on my vehicle so I’m gonna go ahead to remove that installed this The main difference between this 1 and that one that one has a fan this one does. Live from experience I know that this LED heatsink it’s really hot and so I would even remove the sticker that they applied right here. And just remove it all together alright insulation is very simple go head to remove your stock bald. Taking nearly D. itself into the highlight housing and you see those little tabs as a cut out of the hell lately have to wind us up. So go ahead and twist them until the lock into place.

You go I Friday go now it’s installed go ahead and. Take your connector and plug it into your stock wire harness. Go ahead and turn on your headlights and verify that they work. It’s not on right now and so I got a flip that connection around so go ahead and turn off your headlights and we move this. Turn around. And put it in. Turn on your headlights again and verify their on and they are. And so now I’m gonna go ahead and installed on the other side is exactly the same. Right here is the cut off of the oxime S. one LED headlights. It’s about a car 0.5 late to the left and to the right. And that is the cut off. And I’m parked about 40 plus feet away from the wall. And this is the high beam. From a different company. And it works. Right that completes a product review of the hawks being one H11 LED headlight both. These one do not have a fast so there is no fan noise. How the part of tech in the discussion below so go check it out.